We Developed a 3D VR Tour Experience for Paper Manufacturing Company

Client 360 Tour
360 Tour

Working with Full Clarity, one of our most valued Agency partnerships, we developed a 3D VR Tour experience used by a paper manufacturing company based in the USA.

Full Clarity are a UX Design & Development agency based in Farnham. We've worked with extensively with Full Clarity to produce some truly cutting edge projects. Full Clarity delivered a full UX & Design specification for Aduro to follow.

Aduro were brought in to research the best technologies to produce the VR experience and deliver in time for new year in 2020. We researched the latest cutting edge technologies and best practices before getting started on development, since this was our first VR project.

The key technologies we landed on, aside from an up-and-coming JavaScript framework (Svelte), were WebGL (Three.js), DeviceMotionApi and WebXR to deliver a full VR experience which works on both mobile and desktop devices.

The app is used as a training tool to onboard new engineers and includes audio tour functionality, ability to navigate around the facility and read information about the various components in the engineering complex and discover how the various components within the manufacturing plant connect together.

Needless to say, we really enjoyed this project. It was particularly enjoyable discovering how WebGL works and how it can be leveraged. The mathematics of creating a spherical world to navigate around was both complex and satisfying. We're looking forward to working on more VR projects in the future.

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