We Developed an Online E-Commerce Solution for a Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Instrumentation and Controls for Oil & Gas Industries


Creative Little Dots

Client ABLE

Working with Creative Little Dots, in 2015 we developed an online e-commerce solution for ABLE Instruments, global manufacturer and supplier of instrumentation and controls for Oil & Gas industries.

The site required complex features such as configurable products with high-level configurable components, a quote system for engineers to customise various aspects of an order including the configurability and custom pricing and a Rest API to feed ABLE Instrument's internal accounting system with new orders.

The designers at Creative Little Dots worked with ABLE to deliver a high-fidelity prototype that Aduro could follow to develop the site. The designs included all the screens for Configurable Products and the Quote tool, although the Quote tool wasn't developed until sometime in the future.

The site has evolved over the 5 years since it first launched. Utilising Wordpress and WooCommerce, Aduro built custom plugins to deal with the specific requirements that ABLE Instruments needed for configurable products, having first used the WooCommerce Configurable Products plugin for a year before deciding to build a solution from scratch.

The complex problems and specific requirements on Configurable Products that were challenging to solve were around the possible scenarios and selections/choices on components within a Configurable Product. Where it was possible to combine A1+B2, it wasn't possible to combine A2+B2 and for those reasons, Aduro had to ensure that once a user had selected a choice that other options outside of a possible scenario could not be selected thereafter.

Since then the custom quote tool has been developed, allowing ABLE Instruments engineers to raise quotes with specific items, configuration and pricing. At the end of the process, the engineer can preview the email and send the quote to the customer.

Aduro and ABLE Instruments have worked harmoniously together for over 5 years, building a strong relationship and foundation for introducing new features and improvements to the site. We have focused in this case study on two key features Aduro have delivered for ABLE instruments, however, there are many more features and problems we have solved, including SAGE accounting system integration, purchase order integration, quick order functionality.

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