We Developed the API and CMS Behind an Operational Survey App Managed by High Speed 1 and Network Rail High Speed



Client High Speed 1
High Speed 1

Working with the Surgery, one of our most valued Agency partnerships, in 2018 we developed an API and CMS to serve data to an operational survey app for the owner of St Pancras International Station, managed by High Speed 1 (HS1) and Network Rail High Speed.

St Pancras International has been recognised as the UK’s number one station for customer satisfaction since it reopened. However, the station had recently lost that position. In order for it to return to number one, it was important for HS1 and Network Rail High Speed to plan and implement improvements based on a set of service standards, ensuring that the basics are delivered to a high standard and helping deliver the “World’s Leading High-Speed Rail experience”.

The Surgery worked with HS1 to build a service standards iPad App called ‘What Good Looks Like’, based on a four-tier service framework, so their team can monitor, report and improve the station environments. The app allows individuals to walk the stations in a preset order, asking them to score services against agreed criteria or report faults that require immediate action.

Aduro was brought in to consult and work on the API and CMS that stored and served data to the iPad App. Our expertise was sought because of our strength in database and API architecture, and our strategic focus was on defining a logical database schema and set of API endpoints for the four-tier service framework and survey data that was scalable, fast and easy for iPad App developers to use to send and receive data. Alongside this, we followed the jsonapi.org methodology to ensure Aduro’s and the Surgery’s developers could work from the same hymn sheet.

Since delivery in 2018, Aduro has been responsible for the deployment and security of the API and CMS while maintaining their auto-deployment. We’ve implemented best-practice caching methods to ensure fast response times and optimal performance.

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