We Developed an Online Booking Solution for an Approved Airport Parking Vendor at Gatwick Airport


Creative Little Dots

Client Maple Manor
Maple Manor

Working with Creative Little Dots, in 2015 we developed an online booking solution for an approved airport parking vendor at Gatwick Airport, Maple Manor Parking.

The designers at Creative Little Dots worked with Maple Manor to deliver a high-fidelity prototype that Aduro could follow to develop the site. The designs included all the screens for Booking and Checkout.

The main purpose of the site was to enable users to book parking, entering in their outbound and inbound flight details and car registration information. After this they had to receive email confirmations after payment and also on the date of arrival with instructions on where to go when the customer made their way to the airport.

The system simplified for Maple Manor Parking how to set rates for specific dates and with specific lead times and was automated to send emails with instructions to customers with what to do on arrival.

Aduro developed a bespoke pricing system called Calendar Rates, where prices were set at Letter Rates. For all 365 days in the calendar, administrators can set the number of days lead time they want to be able to assign to Letter Rates. This enables Maple Manor to set, for example, bookings 14 days in advance on the 10th December for the 24th December to be at Letter Rate "A", while bookings 7 days in advance on the 17th December for the 24th December to be at Letter Rate "B". This ultimately gives Maple Manor full control on how lead time affects rates, and rates at busy periods of the year.

Since launching in 2015, Aduro has worked closely with Maple Manor to deliver new features. Maple Manor have since expanded their operations at other airports including London Heathrow Airport. Aduro has assisted to improve other systems used at these other airports.

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