We Delivered New Cutting Edge Features to Frame Styler, SpecSavers Virtual Try-on Ipad App



Client Specsavers

Working with Sideshow Agency, from 2018 to 2019 we delivered new cutting edge features for the infamous Specsavers Virtual Try-On in-store iPad application “Frame Styler”, winner of the Transforming Retail Award 2019.

Frame Styler identifies styles and colours from Specsavers ranges that suit their customers best, from subtle to statement, allowing customers to be confident in their specs choices and create a shortlist of the frames they like the most.

Frame Styler had already been released to the world in April, 2018 by Sideshow Agency in Bournemouth before Sideshow contacted Aduro to begin working on new features for the app.

Working in an agile environment with Specsavers team of project managers and third-party AI and cloud infrastructure experts, we hit the ground running and began working on delivering new and improved security and logging features. Specsavers relied on our knowledge of the application and internal events that occur within the application when the user took certain actions to derive the most logical breakdown of events for logging purposes.

Aduro had the opportunity to assist with the release of Framestyler in Australia. We also worked on developing a new screen within the application that enabled users to filter the recommendations based on colour, style and collection and furthermore recommends sunglasses to users.

Aduro are proud to have been involved in delivering these new features for Frame Styler, which won the Transforming Retail Award 2019.

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