• Workshops

    Working with you and the end-client, we take the time to understand and advise on the requirements using a series of different workshops.

  • Technical Specification

    A technical specification is the project blueprint, giving a holistic perspective to any developer on how to complete the build.

  • Prototyping

    If we’re handling the UX and design, we’ll ensure that low fidelity prototypes are created and tested before moving into the development stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the workshop process look like?
Either through Zoom or in-person, we run through service requirements with you and the end-client. We also take a look at user journeys, understand what the service currently looks like with the aim to achieve a deep understanding of the project.
Do I receive the technical specification?
Yes. We’ll send you the technical specification to do with what you need to. You can rebrand this and send on to the end client.
Can you test prototypes with real potential users?
Of course we can! It depends on the scale of the project and what the client wants to achieve, but using some strategic partnerships we are well equipped to do user testing.
Why is this phase important?
On all projects, we spend at least one day in the research phase. It may seems futile however we’ve found that it consistently lowers costs and always drives a better result.
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