Security and Availability

  • Security

    Our team implements best practices and ensures all infrastructure on your servers are kept up to date. Through our community we are actively knowledge sharing to reduce potential exposure to new cyber attacks.

  • Availability

    Enable automated checks on the platform to monitor uptime and other key stats; we watch server load and latency, scaling as needed and building the correct cost effective architecture.

  • Analytics

    Not just traffic analysis, network latency and database performance, we can design comprehensive service analytic strategies to identify how services are used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you respond in emergencies?
Each of our clients has an account manager that can be contacted directly in an emergency. Alongside this, we have a support ticketing system that comes through to our technical architects and managers, giving your tickets exposure to our key staff.
What technologies do you use?
We use a range of technology across the key cloud providers. Based on your requirements we take a measured approach that has the right balance between cost, speed and maintenance.
Do you store backups?
Backups are created as regularly we deem necessary based on volume of new data, we take snapshots of your server and also the data held. We also have robust recovery procedures in place to make it easy to rollback data and services if needed.
Do you have a minimum contract length?
No - however, any costs associated with moving over to a new infrastructure will need to be factored in separately to the ongoing management fees.
Can you take over services already running?
We are often asked to take over services that are already running which we can do without an issue. Generally, we allow a few months to complete the handover in order to fully assimilate processes and infrastructure into Aduro.
Do you have your own hardware?
No, we work with the main cloud providers to deploy infrastructure with a focus on Digital Ocean and AWS.
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